NC - Industrial Test SystemseXact iDip® Pool Starter Test Kit

The eXact iDip® Pool Starter Test Kit is our most advanced and up to date way to test for swimming pool water. The eXact iDip® Pool Starter Kit arrives ready to test for Total Alkalinity, pH, Free Chlorine (DPD-1) and Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3). We have also included test reagents for Calcium Hardness and Cyanuric Acid (just download our premium software to test for these professional parameters). All this conveniently packed in a rugged and durable plastic case with secure fasteners and padded compartments ready to go!

No more powder pillows, crushing tablets or complicated liquid droppers!

Our simple alternative to powder pillows, tablets, and liquid systems – eXact® Strips have one or more test pads containing reagents for colorimeter detection of ions in water samples. By dipping a patented eXact® strip into the cell, the reagent is released into the water sample. Our line of eXact® photometers utilize this easy-to-use method to provide you with the most accurate result possible!

What's included:

  • Standard navy-blue plastic carrying case w/ Foam includes
  • eXact iDip® 525 Photometer
  • Cleaning brush
  • Instruction manual
  • 25 tests of each
  • Total Alkalinity, pH, Free Chlorine (DPD-1), Combined/Total Chlorine (DPD-3), Calcium Hardness, and Cyanuric Acid
  • Two year manufacturer warranty
  • 30 day money back guarantee 

Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch with the minimum iOS system version 9.0 and Android version 5.0 with Bluetooth® 4.0.

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